Catholic Education is seeking the Views of Parents

2014 is a special year when Catholic educators in the Diocese of Lismore are listening to the views of parents regarding our working together to provide each child with the best educational opportunities to have a full and meaningful life.

As part of this process of listening a survey has been developed for the Catholic Schools Office, Lismore, by the Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP), Southern Cross University. For those parents who wish to complete the survey, the link is listed below. Surveys will need to be completed by 5 September.

The results of this survey will be vital to attaining a ‘snapshot’ of how we understand and work together as partners for each child.  Your assistance in taking a few minutes to complete the survey is highly appreciated because it will help us build stronger Catholic schools together for each child.

In October, special Proclaim Lismore Parent 2014 Gatherings will be held across the Diocese of Lismore between parents, clergy, principals and the Catholic Schools Office. The data from the online survey will inform our listening and talking together as to how we can work even more strongly together for each child. As well, the results of this survey and the discussions for the October Gatherings will be made available to parents during November 2014.

Best wishes

David Condon

Director of Catholic Schools