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Collection of Children During School Hours

If a child is to be collected during school hours please check at the office first.


Bus Service

All children who live outside a radius of 1.6km from the school are entitled to free bus travel. Application forms for free bus travel may be obtained from the school office.

Children in Years 3-6 living within the 1.6km radius will be charged a bus fare by the bus company.

All children in Years K-2 are eligible for free travel. Details of bus routes may be obtained from the school office.


Variation of Transport Arrangements

If there is to be any variation from normal travel arrangements for your child, please send a note, not a verbal message. This is most important with small children.



Bicycles must be parked near the Church. Children must wear bicycle helmets. Children must not ride bicycles in the playground.



Parents are requested not to park near the bus bay, before and after school, nor drive into the school grounds. They are asked to exercise great care when collecting children from the streets around the school.

Parents are also asked to note the parking restrictions.