Our Journey Home to Woodburn

Progress is well and truly underway for returning St Joseph’s Primary to our home in Woodburn. The decision to return home to our beloved Woodburn site reflects our commitment to our students, families, and the entire Woodburn community. 

Follow the progress below as we embark on this journey back to familiar grounds. For new families, find out what makes St Joseph’s, Woodburn, so special. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

Episode 1 - First Look

Join us on a journey back to Woodburn!  Discover what returning home means for St Joseph’s and Principal Jeanette Wilkins as construction kicks off.

Episode 2 - School tour with Mrs Wilkins

Get an exclusive tour of the St Joseph’s Primary, Woodburn building site! Join Principal Jeanette Wilkins as she shares her excitement and unveils exciting new features.

Episode 3 - School visit with our Kindergarten teachers

Follow our kindergarten teachers Melissa Barnes and Rhonda White as they visit the St Joseph’s Primary building site and share in their excitement about returning to Woodburn.

Episode 4 - Woodburn site visit with Student Support Officer

Student Support Officer Amy Bolkum visits the St Joseph’s Woodburn site and shares what she is most looking forward to in returning to Woodburn, and what it will mean to our students to come home.